welcome back, Illini!

Hope you all had an amazing summer.  It's time to fall into Illini Club events


Fighting Illini Football is back!  Coach B and the team are back and hoping to improve upon last year's 8 win season.  Join us at The Grind Burger Bar in Castle HIllls  for all Illini Football game watches  The first non-conference game is Saturday, September 2 at 6:30pm.  We hope to see you there.


Illini Basketball preseason schedule announced.  Illini basketball will start with 8 games at Start Farm Center before heading to Madison Square Garden to take on Florida Atlantic in the Jimmy V Classic. The Dallas Illini Club will have gamewatch parties for all weekend games at The Grind Burger Bar.


The Dallas Illini Cookout is back!    After our Covid pause, the Illini Cookout is back. Mark your calendars for October 28.  We'll supply the food, drinks are BYOB,  The cookout has been a fun event for the Illini club where we get togeher, share some great food and company.  In addition to the food, we will have door prizes.  More info to come. 


Once again, we'd like to thank you for coming to our 2022-2023 events and hope to see you again for 2023-2024.


We are excited Ayo signed a new contract with the Bulls .  We will plan on having Dallas Illini Night at the Mavericks when Ayo and the Bulls come to town.


Another event for our calendar is Rangers season opener.  The Chicago Cubs come to Globe Life Field to take on the Rangers for the Season Opener.  We will have Dallas Illini day at the Rangers March 31, 2024.


Let's have a great year!  I-L-L!

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